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We are offering a free Grandparenting Course! All grandparents and parents with adult kids welcome.

Title: Grandparents – Reclaiming the Lost Treasure

Course Description:  God designed grandparents to play a key role in the spiritual nurturing of adult children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, this role is all-too-often diminished in contemporary Christian families. But there is good news! Nobody is better positioned to restore the important influence of grandparents than grandparents themselves!  It won’t be easy, but it is worth sacrificing for. Course topics include: Taking God at His Word; Living the Gospel out for kids to see; “All we can do is pray” and other lies we tell each other; Prodigals and worse yet, Undercover Prodigals; Youth Culture (prospects and pitfalls); Getting past the Head and into the Heart; and Legacy.  This interactive course includes: handouts, suggested resources, Q&A, new ideas and laughs; we’re in this together. Textbook: The Holy Bible.

Presenter: Richard Snyder, MAL., B.Eng., E.D. & Founder of Malachi Man Ministries, and father of 9. Richard’s teenager(s) will also help present.

Location: Courtenay Fellowship Baptist Church, 2963 Laketrail Rd. Courtenay

Time: Sunday nights Jan. 14, 21, 28, Feb. 11, 18. 6:00pm – 7:00pm;  Optional Pot Luck at 5:00pm.

No charge, all welcome! Looking forward to seeing you there.

A heart level relationship with your son.


How does Malachi Man work?


Watch it on your own or better yet, in a group. You can run it in your living room or church with other fathers, sons and/or young men.

picture of a teenager smiling with friends
picture of a motorcycle


Dim the lights and push play! Five engaging video sessions that pack a punch and get to the heart.


How did it impact you? What did you learn? How do you need to change? Each session has a dedicated time to go deeper with the men and sons in your group. Comes with Talksheets for you and your son to keep the ball rolling at home.

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picture of a motorcycle

Our Mission

Malachi Man exists to encourage, equip and empower fathers in identifying and fulfilling their biblical role of raising courageous, Christlike youth; while simultaneously helping youth honour parents and embrace wisdom.



What are the videos about?

“The Heart of it All”

picture of a medieval lego men Casting a vision for fathers to be disciple makers in their home.
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“Enemy Guns A’Blazin”

picture of a medieval lego men Recognizing the spiritual battle we are in and armouring up for it.
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“The Sword at Hell’s Gate”

picture of a medieval lego men Time in God’s word enables us to move our families towards hope.
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“Crotch Rocket Meets Tractor”

picture of a medieval lego men Practical tools to make you a better listener and communicator.
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“Highly Flammable”

picture of a medieval lego men Understand God’s design for sexuality and pursuing purity.
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“It’s helped me start devotions with my dad on a weekly basis. Thanks Malachi Man!”
Son – age 11

“My only regret is that we didn’t start sooner…”
Pastor – age 45

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It’s never too late to start moving in the right direction