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Over the past three days I have had the privilege of attending three MM meetings with Dad.

The first was with the leader of the Calvary Chapel denomination in Canada, the second was with one of the directors of Promise Keepers Canada and the third was with a pastor of a big church in Oshawa.


All ready to go to another meeting☺

In the first meeting, I was able to gain more of an appreciation for the unity of believers, and the mission of Christ. It was awesome to see another man passionate about building the kingdom, and making diciples. It was also very encouraging for us as a ministry to connect with the Calvary Chapel denomination. For me personally, I was spurred on to make diciples, and be about the great commission. As for the meeting results, the pastor/leader for Calvary Chapel really liked Malachi Man and took two DVD sets, one for himself, and another to pass on to the resource man for Navigators.

The second meeting, -with a director for Promise Keepers- left a similar impression on me as the first one. I also recognised the synergy that happens when two Christ focused men are wholeheartedly making diciples, and are passionate about building the kingdom. Though they do it in different settings, they both have the same focus and purpose of making diciples. It was as an amazing experience. This man also got a set of DVD’s and was excited to review it with the president of PK and then hopefully get it to the Promise Keepers rescourse guy to recommend to different churches.

The third meeting also got me excited, as I got to see a pastor leading his church in the direction of discipleship. He was telling us about what discipleship looks like in his church–where approximately 1200 people flow through two services on a typical Sunday morning–and how Malachi Man could fit in. He also bought a DVD set and was excited about it.

Through those three meetings I was able to recognise and catch more of a vision for the incredible mission that we are on, and witness the excitement of people who get that vision.

-Christian, for the Snyders ☺

P.S. The third meeting also brought a pleasant surprise. As it turns out, the pastors brother and sister in law are missionaries in Liberia, working for Samaritans Pursue… not only that, but that missionary couple knows Kent and Amber Brantly (the missionaries in my favorite book “Called for Life” that Kaitlyn previously blogged about) The pastors sister in law was in fact the one to test Kent for Ebola; and his brother was the one who flew back to the US with Kent when he was sick with Ebola and going to the USA for treatment. They are mentioned in the book that our family read in the van driving across Canada. God is great☺.

P.S. 2 As I write this, Dad is meeting with three prayer warriors who regularly pray for us.

P.S. 3 Josh and I are going to another meeting with Dad tomorrow morning… I wonder what God has in store for us there?

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