Chased by Lions -by Rich

I was getting tired. With ten lives at stake I don’t dare to take chances.

So I pulled over to rejuvenation myself.  I  ran two hundred feet down the highway, sprinted back, then push ups and jumping jacks.  Returning to the drivers seat, Tiff comments how I am looking greyer on this trip, then asked: “Do you find this trip stressful?”

Every time I look in my rear view mirror I see two lions chasing me.  Although they never seem to gain on me, maybe it is causing a residual stress and subsequent greying.

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Wednesday night we pulled into a private campground at 10:30 pm.  The lady took one look at our rig and said:  ” you are too long to fit in your reserved campsite, but you can park on the roadway.” Since we were in Wawa with no other options around for at least two hundred kilometres of moose country’s, I didn’t complain when she charged me full rate. Then she asked: “what do the lions represent? …and: “what is mal-ought-chee-man?”  (People often pronounce it as an Italian name.) I briefly explained the ministry.  She was visibly intrigued, asked a few more questions, and then asked for my business card.  We set up in the lane way and went to sleep.

As I slipped out of the trailer in the morning to go for a walk before all of the kids woke up, the guy in the neighbouring motorhome announced he was also a Christian, and invited me for coffee with his wife and grandson. He had seen our trailer, been on our website, and wanted to know more.  He now wants to go through the videos with his grandson.

The logo has raised its share of questions.  One guy took a brochure-not because he was interested in the ministry-but because he wants a tattoo of the lions.

Is this worth getting a few grey hairs over? I think so.

Rich – for the family

4 thoughts on “Chased by Lions -by Rich

  1. Dan, Laura and Oliver

    So glad you know when to pull over for a break. We all want you back the way you left, in one piece or I guess it’s ten pieces.
    I may have to consider one of those tattoos.

    Oliver the lonely bird

  2. Corrie Snyder

    Hi ,it is very interesting ! Joey told me that they watched three sessions the other evening and that Andy was
    very impressed ,they just wonder about the study guide ,I did not know the answer ,maybe you do.
    I am happy that you know when to stop ,may you have a safe trip to Regina ,say hi from grandma to all
    the children ,we had a great time and I am happy to see you next week ,love Mom and a hug for all of you.

  3. Chris Kutyn

    What a great way to start my day. In bed with my bride drinking coffee and reading the blog…………………………….Whoa!

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