A Vanderfull Time

We have just had a “vanderfull” (wonderful) few days with the Vandermeers- who are my aunt and uncle and cousins.

My aunt Marian is my dad’s sister. We were all staying in one house -my family slept in the trailer in the driveway, but I slept in the house with the Vandermeers girls who, like I mentioned before, are like sisters to me. We had a few late night conversations which isn’t unusual for us! Joining the party was my Uncle John’s brothers and sisters. AND we had some Snyder family coming out from Ontario -my Grandma, uncle Ed and aunt Arlene, and uncle John and aunt Henreitte. We had all come together for one special occasion: my cousin Jonathan’s -uncle John and aunt Marian’s son -wedding. I got to see two other older cousins that I rarely see: Jeremy and Michael. I got to meet Jeremy’s girlfriend and Michael’s fiancée. It was one big Snyder and Vandermeer party.

The day before the wedding, Maaike, Joanna, Michelle and I went to Jonathan’s house and spent a few hours cleaning. When a bachelor and his two bachelor brothers have been spending a few nights in a house…..let’s just say it was a really good thing we cleaned it before Jonathan’s lovely bride – my new “in-law-cousin” -moved in!

Posing before we tackle the "bachelor mess"!

Posing before we tackle the “bachelor mess”!

The morning of the wedding found us girls crowded into a bathroom doing our hair and makeup. Michael’s fiancée did some of the girls hair -including mine -so that was awesome and superly fun.

Little Richard was the ring bearer in the wedding, and I must say he makes an ADORABLE ring bearer.

Photo 2016-08-13, 2 27 57 PMPhoto 2016-08-13, 2 35 44 PMPhoto 2016-08-13, 2 39 22 PMPhoto 2016-08-13, 2 28 56 PM

The day after the wedding was Sunday. We held a family church service in the house together. Dad led worship, preached and facilitated a testimony time. It was a great time of fellowship, worship and sharing.

Photo 2016-08-14, 10 51 45 AM

The family church service

Photo 2016-08-14, 10 52 25 AM

Uncle Ed walking Annalyse

Uncle Ed walking Annalyse

It was sad to say goodbye, but it was a good reminder for us that in heaven we will never have to say goobye! This earth is so not our home, and I am SO glad for that!
Kaitlyn -on behalf of the Snyder clan.
PS -we arrived home last night, but a few finishing posts are yet to come, so don’t tune out yet!
PPS- tomorrow morning I am picking up my baby (my dog)!!!! I am SUPERLY thankful to the Tiede family -in particular Mrs. Tiede -for dogsitting her all summer and for sending me long email stories. Thanks for informing me about her funny antics like stealing a muffin out of your purse, and using her tail as a paint brush to help you paint your kitchen. She had a blast there and I think it would be appropriate to say she has spent her summer in “doggy heaven”! Thank you so much Mrs. Tiede!!!! You definitely went the extra mile (s) in taking care of her.

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