Family Time by Tiff

Thus begins the time of our trip where we will be connecting with Rich’s family. 

Tuesday  we had a lovely relaxing day at Rich’s brothers house. Kind of too bad that his brother wasn’t home…..but kind of nice that we had a quiet family day to do laundry and swim in the pond.

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That afternoon we went to Rich’s sister’s home where we had fantastic dinner – and then a bonfire with more food – and his brother, whose home we had visited earlier without him☺

Photo 2016-07-20, 8 30 56 PM

Some of the kids with two of their awesome cousins Devon and Reuben.

Photo 2016-07-21, 9 11 55 AM

Growing up I was the firstborn in my family but I am the youngest in Rich’s. His oldest brother is nearly the age of my parents. Every family has their own culture. One of the things that I appreciate the most about the Snyder family is that they say what they are thinking. You can talk straight to them, and you can disagree and still be good.  No guessing, no games, no grudges.  Funny, that is one of the first things that I was attracted to in Rich….

Wednesday we read James 3 and 4 together as a family. We talked about the tounge, and how we need to be so careful with our words.  How joking is fun, but can sometimes be taken too far. How true and life giving words trump. We confessed to each other recent times when we have been careless with our words and brainstormed about how we could work on this.

Last night, and tonight we are at Mom Snyder’s home. The home that Rich grew up in. Since his last visit she has done some renovations and it took him a minute to adjust.  After a quick walk down the street he realized that all of the neighbours that he knew growing up -which was most everyone on the street- have either moved or died. Mom heard that 13 people have died on this street in the last year, mostly (or all) from old age…..


I really love Rich’s family.  It is great to be here.  It was so nice to have a special dinner on the back deck yesterday with mom and and Rich’s older brother.   Today several more family members will be here for dinner and we have ordered a pink princess bithday cake for Sophia who is turning three.

I am learning a lot on this trip. One thing is to live in the moment where the grace is. Often when I get momentarily overwhelmed  (which can happen more than I may be willing to admit, but enough to help keep me from becoming too proud, and less as I grow in my dependance on God) I am usually looking at all I have to do in the next hour, day, or week. When I cry out to Jesus in the moment, He is always there.

Tiff-signing off for the Snyder family☺

3 thoughts on “Family Time by Tiff

  1. Dan, Laura and Oliver

    Finally a chance to relax a bit. I trust everyone survived the water slide at Ed’s place. Say Hi to Corry from Dan and Laura.

  2. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Sophia! Many Blessings for your 3rd Birthday.
    Beautiful picture of Richard’s Mom with the family. Hello and many Blessings to you.

  3. Fast family

    Happy Birthday to Sophia! A pink princess cake…sounds perfect for a special girl turning three!
    Great posts! We continue praying for all of you!

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