Fast Departure; On the Road Again

Early yesterday morning we left the Fast’s house.

Being there has been a huge highlight for us all. After a busy day on Sunday, we were able to enjoy a relaxing, low-key day with them on Monday. We also went to their gravel pit, where we drove some of their loaders! Thank you Fast family for your generosity and hospitality to us! It was a ton of fun!

IMG_4625IMG_4633Photo 2016-07-11, 7 36 05 PM

Mike’s younger brother Darrick is really good at skateboarding, so we enjoyed watching him show us some moves -including jumping over Daniel! He was also fun and helpful by playing ping-pong with the boys, helping us wash our trailer and setting up for the barbeque. Thanks Darrick!


Now we are back on the road. We finished “Called for Life” yesterday. Here’s a great quote from the book: “The miracles of God do not have to be momentary supernatural occurrences. The miracles of God can be seen in details over decades.” It was impacting and convicting to read about the Brantly’s love and deep sense of compassion for the people around them, which they stress comes from their gratitude for Jesus’ love and compassion for them.

The next few days will be spent driving before we reach Pembroke.
We are enjoying our drive, and the scenery is beautiful.

Thank you all for praying for us and reading this blog!
Kaitlyn -on behalf of the Snyder clan

3 thoughts on “Fast Departure; On the Road Again

  1. Dan

    So interesting you guys. Bluminort is where my grandmother lived and where we used to visit every summern Mennonite background and all. God’s blessings on you all. Still praying.

  2. Corrie Snyder

    It is so good to hear from you and that the vehicle is driving again ,Canada is so beautiful to drive through .
    Northren Ontario is so amazing and the scenery is so beautiful .
    When are you planning to be in Ottawa ?
    And when can expect you ? Love you all ,Mom

  3. Anonymous

    Wow! You’re more than half-way to Ottawa. Exciting! You’ll find that Ontario is a big province and a long drive. But, as you say, the scenery is amazing. Enjoy.

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