Final Reflections -By Richard

We are home! 

After sleeping every night (except 2) of the past 8 weeks in the trailer, and many long days driving, we are all very THANKFUL to be back home! We are all tired and excited to get into more normal routines. Following are a few brief reflections from our trip:

Sometimes the darkest nights come before the grandest sunrises. This past spring-after more than 6 months of planning and preparation-I was quite discouraged about the whole trip and wondering if we should cancel it. Then God used others, two men in particular, to greatly encourage me; we persevered. Then, starting with the “sold out” send-off BBQ June 12th until our return Aug. 15th, this Ottawa Bound Mission trip has exceeded expectations in virtually every category.


  • Message: I ended up sharing and speaking at over 30 venues (from private meetings to preaching in churches and parks) plus many informal discussions along the way. Casting our Discipleship vision for men and seeing people “get it” was rewarding and confirming.
  • Tools: Providing practical tools (DVD sets) to men who were eager to lead discipleship groups in their living rooms or church classrooms was exciting. We distributed 78 DVD sets!! (some given away but most were sold for $90/set). From blue collar men to mega-church pastors, we are excited about the potential of each set and will continue in prayer for these men.
  • Website Traffic: From mid March to mid May, 807 of our web pages were uploaded and viewed. However, during this trip (mid June to mid Aug.) that number rose to 5,719!!
  • Financially: The cost of this trip is paid in part by Malachi Man and part by us personally. The money generated from this trip through DVD sales, donations, and speaking honorariums all go to MM and more than cover the MM portion of the trip. For MM, it was a financially profitable trip. Some friends helped us cover some of our personal costs and we sold our tent trailer for a high rate and purchased the 2005 travel trailer at a ridiculously low rate. God is good and we are able to pay all our bills.
  • Family: The trip allowed us to visit my family in Ontario, some of whom have never met half of my kids nor seen Tiffiny in 9 years.
  • Experiences: Too many great experiences to count. My kids experiences will certainly shape their lives in significant ways. In particular, they have a greater vision for ministry and have discovered that mission trips far exceed vacation trips.
  • Vision: Travelling across Canada, meeting many new people, and connecting with Christians who are working sacrificially to see spiritual transformation in Canada, was inspiring. We have grown in our resolve to “work the fields” and hope to see God transform our land.


Thank you all for your support and interest in this work. We could not do it without financial and prayer partners. The trip has been excellent but in some ways exhausting. Many times we commented to each other “people must be praying.”  Thank you for “carrying us along” in prayer.

Blog posts are supposed to be short, so I’ll stop here. If you want to hear a little more, and you are local, we are speaking this Sunday morning at Bay Community Church regarding our trip. Also, next week Monday night (Aug. 22) at 7:00pm, our neighbours (1430 Glen Urquhart Dr., Courtenay) are hosting an informal “Ottawa Bound debrief night.”  If interested, please come out and bring a lawn chair. Also if you have any questions, feel free to email me at: .

I end with the image below. I want this picture to represent my life. I want to spend my life helping many people around me assume the same heart attitude and posture. Jesus is everything, how can I do other?  To God be all the Glory.

-May God Bless you all.

Richard-signing off for the family and concluding this blog.

To God Be The Glory!


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