Friday/Saturday by Tiff

Friday we spent a relaxing day with Rich’s family. 

In the morning his mom took me out for coffee; that may be my love language☺. Knowing that mom is a prayer warrior, I asked her some questions about her prayer life. To sit across from her and hear her talk about how she prays was a sacred time.

We spent the evening with several family members and celebrated  Sophia’s birthday.


Unfortunately all of the pictures are on Rich’s computer and we are having trouble with it…again.

This morning we left mom’s  and a 90 minute drive turned into nearly 4 hours in the van.

As we witnessed a new definition of “stop and go”, Kaitlyn commented at how each car holds people with their own stories….It is amazing to think that God knows each person right down to the number of hairs on our heads.

We arrived in Vineland Ontario it the midst of a heat wave; today reached 36 degrees.  It’s a little hot☺.  We were all so thankful to come and jump in our friend Jake’s pool after a great music practice this evening.

We are all looking forward to being at  Jake’s church in the morning and for the opportunity to lead worship and share. Rich is preaching, and Kaitlyn and Christian are going to be giving testemony about the importance of discipleship in their lives. Rich is also going to be showing the MM promotional video and we will have a booth set up in the foyer.

Thankful for all of you that are walking this journey with us.

Tiff-signing off for the Snyder family☺

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