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Driving off the ferry I almost wanted get out and kiss the ground…… “There is no place like home…….”

In one of the homes we visited on our trip there was a sign above the fireplace: “Home is where He leads us”. This explains the contentment we found in our travels this summer.  It was an awesome trip; we are so thankful for the opportunity. And now, we are so thankful to be home.

I am an Island girl. I love where we live. The area, the street, our neighbors, and, as one of our friends put it: the house that love built.  (another total God story!)  In fact, Rich and I play a little game with each other several times a week.  Playfully we ask each other: ” Have I told you I love living here yet today? ” We laugh because we still think it is crazy that God allows us to live where we do….on the street that I had often said I wanted to one day live on.

Driving in the valley below the hills where we live, we all strained our eyes to see who would be the first to glimpse any part of our house through the trees.  We were welcomed by a few dear friends and neighbours who were sitting in our front yard with a large Welcome sign, flower gardens and grape vine tended to, grass cut, groceries in the fridge, ice cream, flowers, hot pizza in the oven, dishes put away, kitchen cupboards fixed……Wow; Amazing friends and neighbours!  Having them -and others- cheer us on during this trip and across the finish line encouraged and strengthened us deep in our spirits. We could not have done this trip alone. Thank. You. All. So. Much.

Our welcoming committee and us

Our welcoming committee and us

Kaitlyn was very happy to get her baby back

Kaitlyn was very happy to get her baby back

The "House That Love Built"

The “House That Love Built”

The celebrations continued in earnest for a couple of hours as the kids ran through the house and yard yelling, “We’re home!” “We’re home!” We’re home!”  We saw it all through new eyes. This morning Rich and I sat blissfully in the living room, read our Bibles, then went for a run in our favorite trails, before everyone was up and the chanting began all over again. Sophia ran around and around the Kitchen Island singing: “I’m so happy!” “I’m so happy!” “I’m so happy!”  We were all surprised at how good it is to be back home.

And yet, we recognize, that as much as we love where we live, we desire to hold it loosley.

I can’t help but think of this old song by Jim Reeves…..

“This world is not my home,
I’m just a passing through.
My treasures are laid up,
Somewhere beyond the blue………”

My dear friend and neighbor, Laura, inspires me as she often looks up to the sky and wonders expectantly  if today is the day that Jesus will return.  She lives with the knowledge that she will give an account for how she spends her time.  I want to live that way.

Because I believe that at the end of the day…..
At the end of our trip….
At the end of our life….
It all boils down to the same conclusion.

Nothing of this world really matters all that much.
It is all about Jesus. Only what’s done for Him will last.
One of my favorite  chapters in the Bible is Revelations 1 -the description of Jesus; beautiful beyond imagination.

Jesus final words to us before he left this earth was: ” Go and make disciples of all nations….”

No matter where – or who – we are, the mission is the same. And until we are united with Jesus -in our real home- through death, or His return, this is our charge.


Like Rich asked at nearly all of his speaking engagements this summer,
“Who are we discipling?”

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Tiff – signing off for the Snyder family ☺

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