Lions in the Rain

With the clock steadily ticking and our date of departure looming closer, we’re learning to grab “time” and make the most of it -in the case of last night, this meant penciling lions on the front of the trailer in the rain.

Mike Fast (aka Michaelangelo) has already completed two large attention-grabbing lions on the side of our trailer to display the Malachi Man logo -save one last lion that needed to be sketched and painted on the front. We did that last night.20160616_215511

It wasn’t so bad really -at least not for me. I only went out to snap a picture. But the rain did usher in a sense of adventure -something I think we will be having a lot of this summer.

Today the sky is blue and sunny, which was perfect for painting the lions. Thanks Mike for doing a great job as always!20160617_130803

Reflecting on the scene that our fifteen-passenger van and our thirty-two foot-long trailer will probably cause on our trip -especially as it is deckled with three sets of lions and a MM vision statement plastered on it -I realised something. We are supposed to live our lives like the trailer: Different -with a purpose. Our trailer is drastically different than most -I mean, do you know any other trailer with lions painted all over it and a Bible verse on the back? But this trailer is different with a purpose. The purpose behind all of the paint is to ultimately point people to Jesus. We are called to live our lives radically different than this world -in order to point people to Jesus. So, grab some face-paint (to draw the lions) and let’s live our lives to the glory of God!


Kaitlyn -on behalf of the Snyder clan 🙂

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