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There has been surprisingly little that I have missed from home……

This seems strange even to me, as usually my favorite days are ones spent completely at home. I attribute this change to the prayers of many, and the grace of God that is more than able to supply contentment in whatever he calls us to.

Since leaving the Island over six weeks ago- besides long driving days- we have only had one full day with just our family. Probably the one thing that I have missed the most is my quiet coffee times with Rich.  At home we try to prioritize having a coffee together a few times a week, with instructions to the kids that we are having a date, and that unless someone is bleeding, don’t interrupt.  These times are usually just in the yard as we watch little ones play, but they are cherished.

Knowing this, Rich surprised me this past week with a day where we stopped at a a beautiful beach along Lake Superior for a family Sabboth.  Rich and I went on two swimming dates, drank coffee, rested, played with the kids and got burnt.  It was fabulous.

Photo 2016-08-03, 9 17 36 AMPhoto 2016-08-03, 8 55 50 AMPhoto 2016-08-03, 10 15 14 AM 
Photo 2016-08-03, 4 02 30 PM

This week we have also spent several long days in the van and we are over half way home.

Aunt Margaret gave each of the kids their own gift card for DQ so we went out for dinner-a real treat! Our first dinner in a restaurant  this trip!

Photo 2016-08-04, 5 34 26 PM

Last night we spent the night at the Fast’s and were once again spoiled and blessed!  I was touched that Emily had also bought her and I matching dresses!


While at the Fast’s we were also excited to finally meet Kaleb who created all the Lego video parts for the MM Dvds.

Today we are driving towards Regina where Rich will be preaching in the morning, again with the help of Kaitlyn and Christian.  We are listening to the Audio book, “God’s Smuggler”, and snacking on fresh veggies from the Fast’s garden.

Annalyse is learning to walk with the help of a couple of hands to hold on to. It is all she wants to do.

Never a dull moment!

Tiff-signing off for the Snyder Family☺

PS Correction: Rich’s mom commented that I had my numbers wrong in the entry on the Snyder family.  Their is over 70 in the family with marriages, grandchildren and great-grandchildren combined. I have changed this in the entry as well: thx for noticing my mistake, mom.

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