Old Friends and History by Tiff

Sunday afternoon, when we left Mom’s Snyders home in Whitby, I cried. 

Usually a more stoic person this is rare. For a few minutes at the family reunion I sat on the outskirts and observed and wondered with thankfulness at how I get to be a part of it all.  Grandma has seven children ( plus their spouses; no divorces- praise God!) With all the marriages, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, the family is over 70 people. Several of Rich’s siblings are now grandparents; we are all getting older! ) I thought that Dad Snyder must be calling all his friends to look down from heaven and see what he and mom had started☺.

Sunday night we stayed at Rich’s childhood/high-school-best-friend’s home.  Jan is a great storyteller and reminded us of some entertaining stories of him and Rich from 30 years ago. We laughed together over stories I dare not publish, but I can say that God’s grace is great!  This morning we shared a sweet time doing family devotions together, going through the book of Jude.

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Jan bought everyone Chinese food and let them all order whatever they wanted

Monday afternoon we went to St Marie among the Herons. It was incredibly inspiring. We walked through the first European Settlement in Ontario-and one of the first in North America-dating back to 1639. We saw the graves of two Jesuit French Missionaries who went to share Jesus with the First Nations people there; and were martyered.

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Danny- age 8-said ” I love learning Canadian History!”

Monday night we stayed at our friend’s home in Northern Ontario.  They live in the  beautiful Muskoka on the river.  It was great to see them again- to share a meal, catch up a little and fellowship. The children also enjoyed the water☺.

Today we drove most of the day. We finished listening to the Audio drama of Dietrich Bonhoeffer; amazing! We  are all feeling quite tired. We pulled into a Walmart Mart parking lot around 9, fed the kids dinner and got them into bed around 10. The new normal; no typical schedule.

The trip home will be considerably faster than the way out here.  We plan to be in Abbotsford for our nephew’s wedding August 13; Richard JR has been asked to be the ring bearer☺. If anyone has any ideas of where I can get an appropriate outfit (adorable, with a vest ta-boot! ) let me know.

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Thank you for your prayers,

Tiff-signing off for the Snyder family☺

One thought on “Old Friends and History by Tiff

  1. Corrie Snyder

    Tiffinay ,I am very moved by the way you write about our family and thankful that we had
    some special times together,it is a blessing from the Lord.
    but do not have over 70 grandchildren ,I have 37 grandchildren and 14 great- grandchildren.
    Counting everyone ,including the ones who married into our family we are with over 70 people.
    ave safe trip ,love you all ,grandma.

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