Oxymorons by Tiff

The last week feels like a blur….a blur of the Canadian Shield; turned Prairies; at last melting into the beloved Rockies.

The first glimpses of the mountains were a welcome site, and when we arrived at the BC Provincial Park, we breathed deeply the familiar smell of the summer rain lingering among the disiguous trees.

It has been an amazing journey; one that we are so thankful for. One that has exceeded our expectations in many ways, and yet has not been without its challenges. A phenomenal adventure that has left us both refreshed and exhausted at the same time.

I  think that when we get home we will all want to sleep for a few days. However, we only have about a two week turn around before we plan to head back to Edmonton where Rich is the main speaker at a camp for four days. Thankfully, as the main speaker, this is an all expenses paid trip.  In the two weeks at home-besides preparing messages for the camp- we have our Church Camp, another Wedding, (besides the one this weekend in Abbotsford) and other responsibilities – like preaching and leading worship at our home church- not to mention un-packing and re-packing the trailer twice-. Oh, and, did I mention that we are going to be turning our storage/sewing room into a bedroom for our neice that will be living with us this fall? Obviously, sleeping for a few days -while a nice thought- is not an option!

As we have traveled across Canada, we have been somewhat surprised at how few children we have seen in other RV’S that we have encountered along the way.  Mainly we have retired couples travelling on thier own…..so you can imagine our surprise recently, when we met up with another 15 passenger van filled with children, and pulling a trailer!  Of corse we talked with them, and discover that they also have eight kids, and he is a pastor of a church in Alberta! It seemed like another God moment as we were able to share with them about our mission and part ways one DVD set less.

Photo 2016-08-10, 12 44 07 PM

Wedneday night we were able to spend the night at the home of a friend of mine who was a bridesmaid at our wedding 18 years ago.  The children were delighted to spent time there as they have as many children as we have, plus half of that again!  That means several to play with, and at least one your age. It was one big pizza party! The children also enjoyed riding the horses.☺

Photo 2016-08-10, 7 03 25 PMPhoto 2016-08-11, 9 53 32 AMPhoto 2016-08-11, 10 25 18 AMPhoto 2016-08-10, 8 18 47 PMPhoto 2016-08-11, 11 19 09 AM

Yesterday evening we rolled into town; unhooked the trailer; reloaded into the van for a wedding rehersal and dinner; only to rush out before the birthday cake for the groom- to -be was cut; -as Rich and Christian were speaking at a mens group in the neighbouring city.  I got little ones into bed who are out of bedtime routines, and in the third time zone this week.

Often when I am questioned about being a mom to eight, I struggle to find the right responce.  Usually the opportunity must fit into a quick soundbite. This past week I found a responce that works: I feel Inadequate.

I know that on my own I cannot possibly succeed.  And yet, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Yesterday morning Rich slipped out of the trailer for his quiet time; and I was thankful to be able to spend about an hour alone reading the Bible and talking to God, before the kids woke up. All other ground is sinking sand. I needed that precious time with Jesus even more than sleep.

Romans 11:36 ” For of Him and through Him and  to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever. Amen.”

I hope that when you read this blog you don’t just see snapshots of what our family has been up to these past few weeks.  I hope that you see Jesus; and that you rejoice along with us at how He allows each one of us to play small parts in His story. I hope that you also feel a sense of community as you have journied with us. You are a part of this as well.

Tiff -signing off for the Snyder family☺

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