Saturday-Sunday-by Tiff

Saturday began early when Rich, Christian and Joshua left our campsite for a men’s breakfast in Pembroke Ontario.

At the men’s breakfast  Rich shared about MM,  and Christian was able to drum for the worship. Next they met with another pastor where they again shared the MM vision.

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As we headed out for he last leg of our journey we passed a chip truck…..and since these bring a feeling of home- growing-up-memories-   for Rich,  -and since our younger children had no idea what these were- we stopped.  Well, when Kim heard that we were from  Vancouver Island, and after talking  a few minutes with  Little Richard JR,  she offered to add pogo’s all around to our order-  on the house- and then when Rich went to pay for the fries she told him: “put your money away hon!”

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Around 4 we arrived at our friends home, and by 6 we were ……drumroll please…… downtown OTTAWA !!!!!!  We wasted no time, going right to a church service where we set up a table for MM.

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It was a full day, and we were blessed to meet many beauiful people and also sell eight more DVD sets. To be real, I was exhausted when we finally got to sleep that night, but over-riding that; happy and excited to witness the hand of God throughout the events of the day.

Our Sunday plans fell through, so we took the morning off and attended a large church in Ottawa (2000 members)  so that the kids could experiance worshipping in that setting. Funny thing, unbeknownst to us the Pastor was finishing his series on…..yep…..the book of Malachi! After the service we talked with the family pastor about MM, and he also bought a DVD set. (Interesting thing: he is the father of 10!)

Thank you to all who keep us in prayer, and read these scribblings, and send us notes of encouragement.  You are such a blessing to us!

Tiff- signing off for the Snyder family ☺

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  1. Chris Kutyn

    please let me know if you blow the ice cream allowance, and I will arrange to top up.

  2. Chris Kutyn

    DANIEL Gilman has one of those drum box things. Weeping tears of joy today at this report and pics on FB

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