The adventures just keep on coming. It’s kinda ridiculous……

This morning we visited Vineland Missionary Church in Vineland Ontario.  It was a lot of fun to lead worship as a family.  Rich preached a challenging  sermon and Kaitlyn and Christian shared testimony about how discipleship has impacted them personally.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer said ” Christianity without discipleship is  always Christianity without Christ”.

Photo 2016-07-24, 11 37 32 AMPhoto 2016-07-24, 11 38 40 AM

Actually, during family discussion one time when asked the questoin: if you knew you only had a week or two left to live what would you want do? The answer was unanimous.  Extended (meaning longer than normal )  family devotions, worship together with music, and go camping.  Better than camping is camping on mission; we were able to do two of our favorite things today☺.

After church we had a great BBQ lunch with our friends, and then swam in their pool before heading out to Niagara Falls for the evening.  Amazing!

Photo 2016-07-24, 7 23 14 PMPhoto 2016-07-24, 9 08 34 PMPhoto 2016-07-25, 10 54 29 AM


Tiff- signing off for the Snyder family ☺

PS  We sold five more DVD sets after church this morning. We pray that God would use these for His glory, and to make disciples who make diciples.

One thought on “Sunday

  1. Chris Kutyn

    Oh my goodness. A new high, so to speak. Tears of joy, pure joy. So counter culture. To have your children walk in faith is great, but do do ministry as a family, well…………This is my mission statement for the Kutyns. To DO ministry as a family. Richard we need to raise the bar!! As for me and my house,….. sort of takes on a whole new dimension. V interesting article in life site news about the 10 commandments. Christians fail to set aside the Sabbath. Don’t get me started……WHOA!! So proud of each and every one of you. Bursting. We off to the coast today so will be out of touch. Taking my Bonhoeffer devotional.

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