Victories & Challenges -Richard Snyder

We are sold out and awaiting delivery…

Prior to this trip, we tried promoting the Malachi Man (MM) mission and DVD resources from home via email, social media, creating a high level website and more. Light Magazine (Christian mag. with a readership of over 20,000) heard about MM and did a great article on us directing people to our website where they could buy the DVD’s. With all this effort, how many responded by purchasing the DVD’s with a resolve lead a MM group in their area?  ….very few…. I was surprised and disappointed. What’s the problem? Maybe it’s information overload, maybe the MM mission can’t be shared in soundbites and text snippets, maybe we need to learn a new media approach, maybe there are other factors.

We embarked on this trip to cast the MM vision and equip men with the DVD program. At first it was difficult to get appointments to speak about MM. I was concerned that this trip might not be very fruitful either. HOWEVER, this trip has EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS  by a long shot! Our itinerary has grown to over 30 appointments to individual men, groups, churches etc.! We are turning good opportunities down because we can’t fit them all. What I’m finding is that when we’re given the opportunity to share the MM vision in person, people invariably seem to “get it.” Men respond by stepping up and buying the DVD’s with a new resolve to invest more deeply in making disciples. This is very exciting for me! This is what our children, churches, and country needs; men stepping up to make disciples on a heart level, first inside the home, then outside.

This afternoon we sold our last DVD set! That’s a total of 56 sets distributed (mostly sold but a few given). Three of them went to pastors of churches with over 1,000 people (hopefully they get worn out with excessive use). Mike went through our house in Courtenay and shipped all the remaining copies we left behind to Ontario. Tomorrow is another full day, I will be meeting with representatives from 3 different churches and we will be doing music for a young adults BBQ that I will be speaking at. Hopefully the DVD’s Mike sent arrive first thing tomorrow morning!

DVD case photo web skinny

As exciting as all this is, there are challenges to being on the road so long and sleeping in a different location most nights. The fact that it is nearly impossible to keep any kind of a scheduled, being in tight quarters and around so many new people is most difficult for the youngest children.20160713_08322720160726_084200

This trip is a great opportunity for ministry and our family, but it has not always been easy. We will all appreciate sleeping in our own beds, with space to stretch out, when we get home. Please keep praying for health & strength for us, protection, enough sleep, and Holy Spirit empowerment and guidance. We want make the most of each day and finish well. Thank you!

-Richard for the family.


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