War Museaum and Ramblings by Tiff

Monday after reading from Psalm 18,  we went to the War Museam in Ottawa. 

We were happy that Nathan could join us for the afternoon there. It was incredibly sobering.  Here are some snippets from our family dialogue debriefing afterwards:

Global conflict, wars and battles have been since Cain and Abel. There is always wars and battles to be fought.- Rich

Sad. I wouldn’t want to fight in a war- Michaela

We tend to glamorize war; but it’s not glamorous! ( not like in movies and stories…..).-Josh

In media war can be be de-humanized, in like, the Lord of the Rings, ect…. -Christian

You read stories on the successful ones…those who survived, did cool adventures and stuff….you don’t really read about all the ones who die, and all the suffering – Josh

…WW 1 and WW 2  people knew what they were fighting for, now the belligerents are less defined; people don’t really know what they are fighting for or against-Rich

It is very easy for the number of dead people to just be numbers…..- Kaitlyn

A lot of pride for Canada…that is something I love about Ottawa, the pride I sense for Canada….we don’t have that as much on the Island….makes you want to get involved in politics…..Kaitlyn (obviously☺)

To engage in war- or not- is never a simple decision.


Photo 2016-07-19, 1 03 11 PM

Michaela, Nathan and Josh

Michaela, Nathan and Josh

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Josh and Nathan

Josh and Nathan

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We were all sad to say goodbye to our dear friends, the Gilmans, who welcomed us to Ottawa, and hosted us for three nights. We were so blessed to spend time together, learn from them and hear their stories.  They also have a large family-10 children; though only two left at home. The really awesome thing is that they all love Jesus-  nearly all are in full time ministry- but all are investing their lives and resources in God’s kingdom work. Alan Gilman (the father) has written a couple of books that we are looking forward to reading, and that you can find here:


Later….. late at night for someone at my age…..☺ ok, it is only 11:35, but it feels like 2 am…..here we are driving in the dark, and watching the gas gage fall closer and closer to E……and we are in the  middle of what appears to be nowhere….. where we are is not even recognisable to Rich……..with at least an hour left to go….though we don’t know where exactly we are going….(several options; we are nearing Rich s family)……how did this happen?

Well, we left the Gilmans with just enough time to drive to beautiful campsite and meet up with a special nephew and his wife on Lake Ontario…this campground is known for its Sandy beaches…sounds nice right?  However, unlike any other Provincial Park in all of Canada (to our knowledge) this camp is 100 percent reservations only….and full. This we discover around 7:30 PM -and before we have had dinner….so we start to call around, and look for another campsite. But apparently large families are not really welcome and family rates don’t apply to large families. One place wanted to charge us $75 plus tax….. (note to self: kids are not considered adults pretty much anywhere in culture until 19, with the exception of campgrounds.) Another wants us to pay for three sites because we have: Too. Many. Kids. I mean, adults. Another had a site available until they found out we had 8 kids. And there is no Wal-mart to park at for the night. So plan B, which is: drive to our nephews house; the kids do their own dinner in the trailer while Rich and I visit.  A few of the kids have colds they cannot pass on to Ryan who has recently been diagnosed with cancer at 25, and is going for chemo in the morning. -Proud of you Ryan and Anne; you exemplify faith to whatever God allows in your lives; you encourage and challenge us all.

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Later yet…….we arrived around the real 2am at Rich’s brothers home….family is such a gift and we are so thankful for this rare and precious time together.

Tiff-signing off for the Snyder family ☺

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